What is SellSafe?

SellSafe provides a complete management system available in both hard copy and on-line, and includes procedures for self implementation and reproducible forms and reports for all steps from initial purchase, to hazard identification, final inspection and installation.

Support for SellSafe

The SellSafe Management System is supported by practical hands-on training available to individual companies or to employees of participation businesses. SellSafe products include a range of safety decals, inspection status tags, and a Farm Machinery Safety Training Guide Workbook.

Supporting Statement

"In this day of heightened responsibility for the use of safe machinery in a safe working environment, we endorse SellSafe as a practical safety management system which has been specifically designed for the Farm Mechanisation Industry ….."

John Henchy
Executive Officer
Farm Machinery Dealers Association of WA (Inc)
WA Regional Manufacturers (Inc)

The Intended Purpose of SellSafe

SellSafe contains documented procedures and processes that are intended to enable farm machinery dealers to comply with relevant legislation regarding the sale of farm machinery. SellSafe is based upon an industry standard approach to the determination of reasonably practicable risk controls for hazardous machines.

All the information contained in recommendations made by SellSafe is provided in good faith, in the context of a typical farm machinery manufacturer, dealership or similar business engaged in designing, manufacturing, importing, repairing, modifying, servicing or preparing farm machinery for sale.

SellSafe relates to only the design, manufacture, importation and sale of new and used machinery. It is not a comprehensive OHS management system for all dealer business activities. If a comprehensive OHS system is required, please contact CR Management Systems Pty Ltd for information regarding Safe Shop / Monitor, which combined with SellSafe, does provide a comprehensive response to OHS compliance. Further assistance from a legal professional experienced with machinery must be sought if an opinion regarding a specific matter is required.

As not all Australian States and Territories have yet aligned to the harmonised Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations, there may be some existing State or Territory requirements that are not specified in SellSafe.