Australia’s colonial history has shaped our national character in many ways both to our great benefit and to our disadvantage. One legacy of the sovereignty of Australian States resulted in us having occupational health and safety laws in each State and Territory that were not only different from each other, but in some cases were found by the High Court, to be unconscionable and unworkable in the way they were applied. Australian States have agreed to harmonise OHS / WHS law with new legislation, known as the Work, Health and Safety Act (WHS).

At the time of this revision, all States and Territories except Western Australia and Victoria have adopted the WHS. Western Australia has said they will adopt it. Victoria has said they will not. SellSafe recommends that machinery dealers adopt the requirements of the WHS, as the uniform requirements are generally superior to, clearer and more easily understood, than the previous State legislation.

Uniform legislation has many benefits to all farm machinery dealers, especially those who sell machinery via the Internet and deliver to any location, as the dealers will now have to comply with one set of requirements.

There remain many challenges with the Work Health and Safety Act (WHS), as it contains new concepts and duties for companies and company officers, which must be observed. In the past, suppliers of hazardous machinery were not able to be prosecuted for non-compliance with legislation until an accident occurred. It is now an offence for company officers to not to be properly informed or respond to their legal duty, without any incident having happened. The new duties on importers or local manufacturers to verify machinery safety will be difficult to satisfy for many smaller companies.

SellSafe is a response to the Work Health and Safety Act for the benefit of farm machinery dealers. It contains the collective practical wisdom of machinery dealers’ real-world experience to meet the new requirements. SellSafe will be supported with an improved level of online and onsite service to satisfy the new legislation.

I hope you find that the way SellSafe presents a systematic approach to the challenge of compliance with workplace health and safety duties, to be understandable and complimentary with modern business practices. Please let me know if this is not the case.

Warren Mills

Supporting Statements

"The Tractor and Machinery Association are pleased to endorse the SellSafe Farm Machinery Safety Compliance Manual as it is designed to enable all duty holders to properly understand and respond to their duties according to the requirements of the Work Health and Safety legislation. The TMA encourages all people and groups interested in farm safety to actively support us in our endeavour to establish widely accepted industry standards for safety, reflected in SellSafe, for the benefit of all farm workers and all Australians."

"Richard Lewis
Executive Director
Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia

“In this day of heightened responsibility for the use of safe machinery in a safe working environment, we endorse
SellSafe as a practical safety management system which has been specifically designed for the Farm
Mechanisation Industry ….. "”

John Henchy
Executive Officer
Farm Machinery and Industry Association of WA